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The Room (original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Soundtrack (World Wide Format)

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The Room Soundtrack is an original motion picture soundtrack of feature “The Room” directed by Tommy Wiseau.

Track Listings
Disc: 1
1.The Room 2. Red Dress 3.I Will 4.Lisa and Mark

5.You’re My Rose 6. Red Roses 7.Street 8. Life

9. Street Two 10. Crazy 11. Chocolate is the symbol of love.

12. Chris-R 13.Reason 14.Johnny Mark & Denny on the Roof

15. Lis, Michelle, and Johnny 16. Yes or No

17. I’ll record everything. 18. XMZ 19. Mark & Peter

20. Jogging 21.Baby You & Me 22. Happy birthday, Johnny.

23. Lisa & Mark 24. Fight During the Party

25. Johnny in the Bathroom 26. Tape Recorder

27. Johnny Becomes Crazy 28. Why? Why Johnny?

29.Reflection “You’re My Rose”


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